​The Wiston flock of Dutch Texels was established in 1987 with the purchase of four females and one ram lamb from the Lyons flock in Braintree.  Since 1992 all additions to the flock came mainly from the island of Texel itself. Today, Wiston Texels are amongst the oldest Dutch Texel flocks in the country. Over the years the flock has become known for the consistency of its breeding. The flock's home is a 45 ha grassland farm on the Essex/Suffolk border in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). 

Wiston Texels take part in two special auction sales for Dutch Texels, in Carlisle and Ruthin. The flock is registered with the British Texel Sheep Society. 



Breeding goals

My aim is to breed Dutch Texels which perform well and lamb easily. Looks are of course important (females in particular) but even more important, I want to breed sheep that are healthy and contented.  There are currently 30 ewes in the flock. Rams are sourced most years from top Dutch flocks. Selection for replacement females is made only from proven dams and is based on: 

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  • easy lambing 

  • healthy udders

  • good legs and feet

  • fine, dense fleece - no wool slip

  • typical Dutch shape and head

  • good growth rate

  • overall balance, length and style