The Wiston flock - ewes

There are several distinct ewe lines in the flock and only females which were born naturally are chosen as replacements. All but one of the dam lines go back to the major importation from the flock of CA Commandeur in 1992. After many years of strict selection flock management has become easy: later lambing means Mastitis is rare, Coccidiosis and footrot unknown. Mastitis is highly hereditary and I used to cull ewes which had the disease and avoided keeping their female offspring.


The flock is synchronised and lambing takes place during one week in mid March. Only ewes bearing twins and triplets receive some supplementary feeding from about one month before lambing. After lambing, ewes and lambs go outside during the day and return by themselves to their barn in the late afternoon. 




The most numerous of the families. Easy going and trouble free, these females are often very showy and ideal ram mothers. All of them live to a ripe old age. 

A beautiful and healthy family with great heads and skin. Given the choice they prefer to lamb later, unsupervised and outside! Blessed with good feet, no Mastitis and long lived.

1534 line...

From the original importation in 1992. Very showy, all have a slightly blue skin and are very milky and prolific. 


A recent line that began in 2012. Together with her first born daughter 279 she produced females of outstanding quality and most stayed in the flock.