April/May  2021

The less said about last winter the better. Another wave of Covid 19 infections, a late start to the third Lockdown and more suffering for many people. Then the incessant rain! The poor scanning result due to my neighbour's new 'Lockdown' puppy finding its way repeatedly in amongst my pregnant ewes. Result: a lot of empty ewes. The wet winter was followed by a very frosty and late spring and then the total absence of any rain since the last week of March and right through April. Is there a bright side? Oh yes, the vaccination programme which hopefully gives us, who are longing for it, the freedom to travel again and escape.

The few lambs I do have this year are doing well and luckily I have 17 yearling ewes to choose from to add to flock numbers. Importing rams will not be a problem (there's no plan to build any border control posts in the UK until the end of 2021 at least).  Sadly, those breeders used to exporting stock to the EU, will have to wait until countries on the other side of the channel or the north sea decide to set up border facilities to check incoming livestock. Ah well...Brexit of course meant the UK has regained control over its borders and solving the piffling little problems of exporting a few sheep will not be high on No.10's To Do list.