June 2020

This year's spring update comes later than usual. We're getting used to changes to all our lives caused by the effects of the new virus called Covid-19.  Fortunately, the routine of people living in quiet, rural areas is less affected and apart from being at home even more often than usual the restrictions are bearable. No reason to neglect the garden and time enough to get ahead with work around the farm. 


The flock of ewes has lambed from mid March for just a week and apart from a couple of very big singles which didn't arrive alive, all lambs are thriving and enjoying a warm but very dry spring.


Now in early June and even earlier this year we are needing rain badly...many weeks have gone by with no rain at all! Hay crops are small but good quality and already stored in the barn.


Living at Wissington for 39 years the changes to our climate over the years is quite remarkable. I cannot remember a rain-sodden summer.... 


Below a few photos of the lambs and some of the recently shown rams and females.