November 2021 

Thursday 21 October - put ewes to the rams. All 30 ewes were tupped on one day! The ladies very keen and all rams eager to perform their duties. A months later all quiet. The ewes can see and smell the rams but none of them has shown signs of a returning heat. They won't get another chance anyway as lambing is confined to one week in March. Scanning will not be until very late December early January when we will find out for sure who is pregnant and how many lambs to expect. In late September I had a quick trip to Holland, to see at long last the sheep I  bought in June and which I finally expect to welcome here at the end of the month. Buying and importing sheep has been a hugely expensive exercise to say the least. 

Below are the eight shearling ewes which have joined the flock - all twins or triplets, chosen for performance and easy lambing but also for their style and body shape. Lambing, like this year, will start middle of March, a time that suits our management, the arrival of better weather, longer daytime hours and of course growth of grass. Click on the photos to enlarge them, for more info and a link to their pedigrees.