August 2020

After the now regular summer draught, August has become a wet. month! The grass is growing again and the sheep have been through several  power washes. All in all I'm happy with their appearance. We have no feet problems and as the sheep are now within reach of a roof over their head to get out of the rain and away from the flies there's little to worry about. Even during extended periods of dryness females seem to put on condition whatever the food supply. Rams tend to snore away the hours but are more bothered about flies. I found a new treatment to keep the beasties away and it seems to work - subject to daily application! We recently weighed the lambs and they are growing well.

The annual sales in Carlisle and Ruthin are going ahead with the expected changes and restrictions.  Not long to go.


Here is a selection of  photos of lambs and females. and a son of Benedict who was at least standing still to pose!