Mid July 2019

Hay making finished. I spent many happy hours on the tractor cutting, turning and rowing up an unusually dense crop of grass. A welcome change from our usual sparse harvest. Now waiting for rain and lots of it!


The early evening is ideal to go out and find the females willing to pose. Photos were taken before, during and after making hay.  I am very happy with the shearlings this year and choosing which ones to sell won't be easy. Both Yohan and Winsum put length into the the flock.


Not long now until my summer visit to the Netherlands and see other people's sheep... can't wait to get away! 

555 twin by 501 (Antwerp)
553 single by 700
567 - twin by 700
592 - twin by 700, Yohan
574 twin by Yo'Ben!
twin by Yo' Ben!
twi by 660 - Winsum
538 triplet by 700
triplet by 700, Yohan
558 - twin by 660, Winsum
548 twin by 660 Winsum
201 litter sister to 202 'Bennedict'
579 twin by 501 (Antwerp)
571 twin by 378 (Willowby)
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555 twin by 501 (Antwerp)