February 2020

The quiet time of the year is very quiet. (Apart from the weather!) The autumn sales by auction and off farm ended in late September. 18 shearling ewes and 15 shearling rams found new owners and one loyal and regular customer went away happy with my very best ram lamb! 


I am now left with my small flock of 28 ewes which were put to the ram on 24 October. Like last year, the later tupping suits my management better and it is also much more natural to allow ewes to lamb outside if the weather is kind which of course is more likely in late March.  


The auction sales were a story of mixed success. Wiston females enjoyed great demand but paradoxically ram buyers this year preferred the very bare andpeeling "Beltexy" look a-likes which are not the type found either at Wiston, in Holland or in Belgium.

A word about importing sheep from the Netherlands: The future arrangements for importing sheep and other livestock from the EU are unknown. The UK will become a "third" country which means additional import papers and checks on all borders; the smooth and easy way breeding sheep arrived from Holland will come to an end although until the end of the transition period nothing much will change. If you want to import sheep do it before the transition period ends - 31 December 2020!


Below a few random photos from last year.