(tupping on 24 October 2019) 


'Yohan', my senior stock ram has now served ewes for the third year and Bennedict, the other Hokkeling ram, was on duty for the second time.  The choice of two other rams is from the reliable female line of '911' and the first daughter of the beautiful 05655-29439. RHW1300279 her first daughter, is a strong and dominant ewe which produced two earlier stock rams, 'Wotan' and 'Yo Ben'.  Her son 'Brimstone' will be the third. Bossy like his dam, long and powerful with a lovely rump and fine fleece.  The other shearling used is 'Barbarossa' also a twin and a great grandson of my favourite ewe RHW08 560 who died last year.  He is a large and heavy ram with solid overall muscling. 
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RHW18 00566


sire: 'Yohan'  dam: RHW13 00279
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sire: 03996-23744
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RHW18 00587

sire:  06465-30660 'Winsum'
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'Cicero', RHW19 00626, also by Yohan. My "special lamb". Waiting until he's shorn for a better photo.

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 some influential rams used over the years.