RAMS used in 2018 

'Yohan', my senior stock ram, was joined by 'Borodin' a son of 'Winsum'. He is a long and powerful ram lamb out of a Tollhouse daughter. The new acquisition 'Bennedict' was a suggestion from his breeder and an impulse purchase.  He has extreme length, tremendous width and solid overall muscling. 



RHW18 00577

sire:  06465-30660 'Winsum'




sire: 03996-23744
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Ram Archive

 some influential rams used over the years. 

03938- 03943 Lighthouse

bred in 2005 by Commandeur - a modern Dutch ram, correct, strong and long, which bred some outstanding females and sired Wiston Rheingold and Reefer both used in 2011. Still alive in 2013.