RAMS used in 2020


It is time for some fresh blood and only 'Bennedict' the two-shear, was on duty for the last time. He, like Yohan (700) has now moved on to new pastures. 202 will have served 10 ewes. I had the choice of six imported ram lambs and the four below were allocated to the rest of the flock. All six were chosen for me by their breeder and bought on the strength of photographs and movie clips, but they all turned out to be what I want: plenty of length, good skins and muscle. Click on the numbers for a link to their pedigree. 





Daan, son of 5897-6333 Dutch Champion 2019






03996 -93298


sire: 03996-23744
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Ram Archive

 some influential rams used over the years. 

03938 -74751 Roundhouse

An imposing ram by the famous 0228-1928. Roundhouse weighed 112 kg. He was used only one year to make way for Royal Flush but left four promising sons and many more daughters.